Stiletto Brushes review by Carolina The Doodler

Brush Strokes on Point: My review of the Stiletto Brushes by Body Color Cosmetics

I’ve been a professional face painter for 20 years and when I find a product I like, I stick to it like gum under a desk.

For YEARS I used ONE brand of brushes and never thought I would switch…until I tried face painting with the new Stiletto Brushes by Body Color Cosmetics. Let’s just say that when I used the Stilettos I loved them so much that I put my other set of brushes away for good.

To make this review more practical, I’ve listed all my favorite things about them in an easy-to-read list (wooohooo!!!) – so let’s dive in!

Stiletto Brushes by Body Color Cosmetics used by artist Carolina The Doodler


  • Design: 5/5
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Ease of Cleaning: 5/5
  • Pricing: 5/5 (totally affordable!)


  • Dense yet soft bristles
  • Bristles always SNAP back to their original shape
  • Bristles have great SPRING, they are very flexible and responsive
  • Bristles have a high capacity and can load a LOT of paint at once
  • Bristles are black so they never look stained or dirty
  • Brush strokes are smooth with nearly streak-free coverage
  • Synthetic bristles are safe to use on skin
  • Weight of the brush is light as a feather
  • Length of handle is ideal for face & body painting 
  • Tip of handle can be used to apply creamy glitters with precision
  • Handle is sleek and comfortable to hold
  • Handle looks clean and professional


The Stiletto Brushes are available in the essential brush shapes, here’s a bit of info about each one:


My favorite and the most versatile shape (in my opinion) are the round brushes.  Stilettos come in sizes #2, #4 & #6. With these 3 sizes I can paint from the finest detail lines & tiny accents to thick and juicy line work. 


In face painting, flat brushes have become super popular with the introduction of one-strokes or rainbow cakes in recent years. The Stiletto Flat brush is just as amazing as the round brushes. It comes in a ¾” size, holds a ton of paint and makes the smoothest, cleanest one-stroke lines ever.


Ok, so I confess I barely use this adorable little ½” flat angled brush BUT when I have used it, it’s AMAZING! So smooth and streak-free, when I get more bold and start making more designs using this brush, I will update this review. 

If you’ve watched any of my Tiny Tutorial videos, then you’ve seen the Stiletto Brushes in action.


From their size & weight, to their sturdy yet soft bristles, these gorgeous little brushes have everything I’ve always wanted in face painting brushes. 

The only bad thing I have found about the Stiletto Brushes is that I don't have enough of them but that’s an easy problem to fix, lol.

You can purchase the Stiletto Brushes directly on the BODY COLOR COSMETICS website. They are sold individually and also in a convenient little bundle.

BCC offers worldwide shipping, (rates vary depending on your location) so add your items to the cart and enter your mailing address to see if they ship where you live and how much it will cost. 

Visit to get your new set of BCC Stiletto Brushes! They are ON POINT!

carolina the doodler tiny tutorials

This review is my own opinion and it is not sponsored by Body Color Cosmetics. Body Color Cosmetics gifted me a set of Stiletto Brushes and I chose to write this honest review. I do not receive compensation from BCC for the purchase of any of their products. I promote BCC because I love their products, I admire and respect Tiffany Beckler (she’s THE BEST HUMAN EVER) and everyone needs to know about these excellent brushes that she designed herself :)
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